Where is the channel list?

You can find it on the top left side of website with the TV icon. It shows the channel name. Search icon will assist you to find all TV channels or programs easily.

Why should I have to login?

This will give you an access to highlight your favourite TV channels and explore more new features. Also, this will help us to improve our features and the streaming quality based on users feedback.

Why can not I enjoy the streaming channel?

First of all, please check your internet connection. If you can not open all channels, perhaps you don not have a sufficient connection to enjoy the streaming channels. But if you are experiencing the issue for only a specific channel, this means the channel was having a problem from their source or their connection to our servers.

You can report your issue via twitter chat with @MivoIndonesia or via facebook messenger in our fan-page so we can check it as soon as possible.

Why sometimes I can not enjoy my favorite programs such as an International football games?

In some TV programs, they have limited content copyright for only in terrestrial TV or local area only. Based on this, those programs will be automatically encrypted but it will get back to normal after that.

Why some channels missing from the TV list?

With some TV channels, we implement a geography block based on TV partners requirement. Sometimes we restrict the channel for only specific time based on their program schedule. The channel will automatically appear again after it passed the restricted time. In the meantime, you can still enjoy other channels because we have more than 40 TV channels in it.

Why can not I open the streaming channel or the feature in Mivo?

If you are experiencing this issue in our website, we recommended you to clear cache of your browser. In some case, users cache is affecting your browser performance including our website performance. To clear cache, find a button on the top right of your browser, click settings and then clear cache from browsing data history. You can mention us on twitter chat or facebook messenger for further discussions. If you are experiencing this issue on mobile app, you can use send feedback feature. We will try to guide.

How can I become a host for hotspot in Mivo?

Please send your resume to inbox@mivo.com or submit your CV to family.mivo.com. Help us to know you better with describe your passion, strength and weakness, and experiences in your resume or curriculum vitae. Soon, we'll give you the access to have your own channel with your own viewers in Mivo easily.

How to call Hotspot show in Mivo TV?

  1. Please make sure you have a skype account
  2. Add our skype ID : hotspot.show
  3. After we accepted your invitation, you can call us by clicking the video call icon. Please make sure that you have a sufficient connection to call.
  4. If you can not call hotspot or we haven not accepted your invitation, you can mention us on facebook comments below the Mivo TV channel or mention via twitter to @hotspotshow to notify us.

How to join the Mivo platform to stream my channel?

Send the details of your channel via email to inbox@mivo.com with this information :

  1. Channel name
  2. Channel description and your official website (if any)
  3. Top 5 programs that you have in your channel
  4. Technical information
    • If you already have a streaming sources, please send us the link of your RTMP / HLS source.
    • If you don not have a streaming sources yet, please make sure you have local connection 5 Mbps (dedicated) in your MCR and we will help you to stream it.

How to advertise in Mivo?

Send the details of your campaign via email to inbox@mivo.com with this information:

  1. Company name and address
  2. Business information [Advertiser / Ads-agency / Ads-networks / others]
  3. Advertisement details :
    • Ads type : Video-ads or banner-ads
    • Platform : Desktop or mobile
    • Targeted countries : ...
  4. Payment method and payment term

How to get the embedded link channels in Mivo?

Please login to Mivo and send us your request by contact us form or by email to: inbox@mivo.com to submit this request.